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This is amazing for a first attempt at electro-house. Up until 0:29, you'd think you're listening to one of xKore's tracks and again with 1:03. Very xKore like sound here. The groove you've got going on here is interesting as well. You don't hear a lot of new house producers making something this complex!

Though, with the good, comes the bad. Your bass really didn't satisfy me. It sounds like it's boosted way too much in the mid-section and doesn't have enough low-end bass to it. You also need to add some character to it man. It just sounds way too bland the way it is at the moment. Try adding some effects to it. For example, a chorus or a phaser. Panning can also make a bass stand out more as well. I'll send you a few tracks on msn that have some wicked basses in them that will kind of explain my point more.

That and your hatline. For starters, you used the most generic open hat sound there is in dance and the reverb on it just makes the problem more apparent in my opinion. Try experimenting with some odd sounding percs and hihats for your hatlines and add as much as stuff as you can to them as well. It just makes the track all the more interesting to listen to. Panning will also help in this department too.

Anyways man, I can't really think of what else to write as I've never been the best reviewer. Great song and I look forward to hearing what the future brings you!

DigitalPulse responds:

It was my first time trying to make a bass from scratch, I guess I should work on that, but I do like bass :) For the hi-hats, I can't say anything other than I know it's generic, I was just so tired of working on this song I just decided to post it, but yes, I need to change the sample and the pattern. I don't think I have ever listened to one of xKore's songs lol

Thanks for the review,

Digital Pulse


The structure, melodies and harmonies just scream "Pro'" in this. You've really progressed since last time I heard your stuff. The song has such a beautiful vibe about it as well and really fits the name you've picked for it. Hell, I'm having a hard time finding things to criticize, lol.

Your drums are probably the only let-down in this. They need more life man. Your kick was covering a bit too much of the low-end and I didn't like the overhead sound it had. Would have much preferred it if allowed the bass to cover the low-end and made the kick punchier. That way, your bass becomes a bigger part of the track as I don't think it played as bigger part as it should have in the peak. That and your hats and claps needs to cover a bit more of the hi-end as the mid-kinda' sound they have doesn't work with the track imo'.

Anyways, amazing track and sorry if what I've said doesn't really make sense, lol. Got the flu' atm' and my head is a bit foggy :P. P.S. If you've got a spare minute or two (or 6) could you check out my latest track 'Enchanted'. It's uplifting trance much like this and I'd love for you to hear it :). Cheers.

Kr1z responds:

Hey man! Your review is a pleasant surprise to me :)
I heard your song 'Enchanted' first and I thought, WOW this guy just rocks at trance
And now I find you reviewing me :D Wicked!

Kk now the response :P

About the "Pro" screaming, you might be right. I improved alot :) I'm wondering what's the next step, I mean, what comes after NG?

About the song title, I'm loving it :D And I'm glad it fits :)

Drums - I like a hard kick that's standing out, that's what I always do. You're right though about the low end part. My mix isn't perfect yet, so thx for the tip! I'll keep it in mind.
Hihats - thx for the tip! I'll try it.

It made perfectly sense :) Thx for the tips, finally a helpful review!

I'll try to review ur song too!

Cheers, Kris.


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